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For abuse victims, in addition to one-on-one coaching, we also offer a Group Coaching format in a setting that is most comfortable for you…

During these Group Coaching sessions, we offer our unique “spot coaching” – where Meena demonstrates her phenomenal coaching skills that immediately engage a client into “action”. It is typically performed within a group setting with permission from the client whether it is live and in-person or over the phone.

At the end of the session, Meena diligently follows-up during the week with participants on a mutually agreed upon schedule. This is to reinforce that the client took the promised action(s) during the “spot coaching”. This “accountability” skill is one of the most important aspects of coaching that contributes to the success of her clients reaching their goals (big or small).

This “spot coaching” is proven to be so powerful that directors/counselors of rehab facilities nationwide immediately sign her up for coaching strictly based on this model!

As noted by some of her audience, although, Meena is the messenger; the real power is in the modality of “coaching” and how it continues to transform the lives of millions…



For individuals struggling with addiction, we offer a bridge program known as “Transitions To Recovery®”. Working in conjunction with the other infinite opportunities & resources such as the 12-step recovery programs, our “Transitions To Recovery®” program blends in “coaching” as they hold the patients’ hands to make the transition into their respective recovery program smoother.

In conjunction with the treatment centers, we incorporate several of our own unique coaching approaches to rebuild the patients’ confidence. Meena’s unique “spot coaching” is powerful in a group coaching forum, as well as with her clients in-person.

With a new found confidence and faith, patients feel energized and take inspired actions to improve not only their own lives, but participate in giving back to those who are still sick & suffering. It is through this “pay it forward” philosophy that we create awareness and the patients reach higher levels of consciousness. Our “Transitions To Recovery®” program helps addicted individuals build a life through Inspiration, Nurturing, Awareness, Willingness, Engagement yielding a life full of integrity, purpose, and love.

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